Making Of Shark And Man – Six New “Making Of” Films

Posted by David Diley, Director, March 14, 2016

We're very happy to finally announce that the “Making Of” films for Of Shark and Man are now finished and the first of which, “Origins” is now available to view!

Making Of Shark And Man – Six New “Making Of” Films

Of Shark And Man - The Origins

Origins from Scarlet View Media on Vimeo.

Before I go into any details, I’d like to say a huge thank you to David Edwards at Edna for his help in finally getting these made. David joined me in Gran Canaria for the film’s first public screening and whilst we were there, he filmed a load of Behind The Scenes stuff and also a three and a half hour interview that would make up the content of these “Making Of” films. He did a great job and both he and Anna continue to be a vital part of the OSAM team.

Okay so on to some details!

There are six films in total:

Origins is something of an introduction to the film itself and how it came to be made, from the original idea to making the decision to make it happen, from the people who helped me get everything up and running to the reasoning behind the film’s conceptual approach to the story, “Origins” gives you a bit more of a detailed backstory of the birth of “Of Shark and Man.”

Getting The Look explores the film’s visual themes and aesthetics, from the inspirations to the process of grading the film, its cinematography and the gear used to capture the images.

Getting the Sound is a fascinating look at how we developed a hugely complex and conceptualised soundscape for the film which took in total, 18 months to complete and which takes factual film sound to a whole new level. This instalment features input from the film’s Sound Designer David Lawrie and Voiceover Producer, Adam Steel. It also features Bane from Batman and Gary Barlow… Or not, I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

The Soundtrack looks at the film’s varied music, why it was chosen and the hugely talented people who contributed their time and efforts to making sure Of Shark and Man has the coolest documentary soundtrack around.

The Final Dive is a look at how we captured and edited what has been described as “…the best ten minutes of shark I film I have ever seen” featuring “some of the most stunning and bold cinematography ever seen.” We look at how it was shot, why it was shot that way, the editing, sound and music and the impact it has on the film’s story

The First Screening takes you to Gran Canaria to see the build up and reaction to Of Shark and Man’s first public screening with candid footage of the evening and a reflective look at the challenges faced during the making of the film and what happens next.

The films vary in length and we’ve tried to ensure we go into as much detail as we can without making them too long. Each Making Of film will be released on the Monday of each of the next six weeks and we would love to hear your thoughts about them and of course, questions are always welcome!

Thanks to everyone involved in these, it’s an absolute pleasure to be able to finally get them out for you!


Posted by David Diley, Director