Of Shark and Man Dutch Premiere

Review by David Diley on 11th May 2017

Of Shark and Man Dutch Premiere Announced

We are super happy to announce we have finally confirmed our first ever screening in the Netherlands.

We were invited by Save Our Sharks NL to be a part of the 2017 Dutch Shark Week and we were, of course, delighted to accept! More details of Save Our Sharks NL and the Shark Week event can be found here – http://saveoursharks.nl/en/events/shark-week-2017/

The screening takes place at 8pm on Thursday June 8th at The Heerenstraat Theater. More details here – http://www.heerenstraattheater.nl/movies/547/129/shark_night_of_shark_and_man

As always, audience feedback is warmly welcomed and if you have any photos from the night, we’d love you to share them with us. Thanks Tom for asking us to be a part of your awesome event!