The Shark Podcast Interview with David

Review by David Diley on 16th February 2017

Just before Christmas last year, I sat down and talked with Lukas Muller over at The Shark Podcast about all things Of Shark and Man, sharks and life in general as an Indie Filmmaker making films about sharks.

I really enjoyed it, Lukas is great at what he does so make sure to take a listen! It’s just over an hour and a half and in that time I talk about Of Shark and Man, sharks in general, film-making, shark diving, shark feeding and shark conservation.

Not only that we both tell stories we’ve never told before, I talk about Fiji, Bull Sharks, unfounded accusations of ego-mania, the problems with western Facebook based advocates patronising the third world about shark conservation, why cage dives aren’t real shark dives, the furore about the Great White getting inside the cage, Trump Vs Clinton and why most petitions are pointless, kneejerk reactionism as clickbait, “shark experts…shark experts everywhere,” why feelings don’t matter when it comes to facts, does shark feeding make sharks associate humans with food and my Twitter beef with Donald Trump.

Basically, Lukas lit the fuse, I went off on one for 90 minutes and I really, really enjoyed myself.

You can listen to the whole thing here – https://thesharkpodcast.com/ep4-shark-reef

Thanks for having me Lukas Müller!