Of Shark and Man captivates from the very beginning as images of our home town of Manchester are overlaid with sharks swimming over a reef in the opening credits. Right at the start, David is asked what kind of story this film is going to be and he answers, “a love story” and we know we are watching a film made by someone who is passionate about what he does. It is a stylish production that tells the story of David quitting his job and heading off to dive “the best shark dive in the world” in Fiji.

The trailer can be seen here:

Whilst the film is told by David about his underwater experiences with the Bull Sharks of Fiji, he also tells the story about how this dive site, Shark Reef, came about, and how the local community are involved in the shark’s conservation. It is not just Bull Sharks, although they are the stars of the show, but the lovely underwater footage also gives us an insight into the many other sharks that visit this area. The film also covers the sensitive subject of shark feeding from both sides of the debate.

The film not only shows us the beauty of the sharks of Fiji, but also includes interviews with divers, business owners and local Fijians and gives us an insight into the area and those involved in the shark diving business. Obviously, the highlight is the shark diving footage, especially the moment David thinks it is a good idea to put his camera and housing out on a length of pole and watching the sharks take a good exploratory bite!

Will David reach his ultimate goal? To head out to the edge of the shark reef, where very few divers are allowed to go… you will just have to watch the film to find out.

What comes across most in this film is David’s passion for what he does. It is infectious.

If you have ever thought about giving up your job and just heading out the door to follow your dream, if you love sharks, if you are planning to go to Fiji to do this dive, or you have been before and want to re-live the moment then you should sit down and watch this film.