Of Shark And Man Picked Up By Hollywood Sales Agent

Posted by David Diley, Director, June 4, 2016

After weeks of discussions, meetings and negotiations, I am delighted to finally be able to announce that I have signed a contract for “Of Shark and Man” with the Los Angeles based sales agency, Project 8 Films.

Of Shark And Man Picked Up By Hollywood Sales Agent


I knew from the beginning, when I started this project, that finding the right people to handle the sales of the film was going to be key to whether Of Shark and Man got the kind of exposure and audience it deserves. I was told in no uncertain terms over the last five years that this would be the biggest challenge of all and regardless of how good the film turned out to be, it was far from guaranteed it would receive any interest.

When I finished the film in mid-2015 I started looking at the process of how I would get not just any Sales Agent, but the right Sales Agent on board. That process took until December of last year, during which time we built this website, designed the branding, launched the official trailer, submitted to festivals and released the Teaser Clips and Behind The Scenes films. The film also had its UK première in London and received rave reviews in media outlets around the world.

All of this led us into 2016 where we were able to finally start the process of shopping the film to potential interested parties. In that time we were contacted by Jason Loughridge at Project 8, not long before heading out to Nice for the film festival. Discussions advanced to the stage where I was sent a contract through the night before flying out so it was great that I was in a position where a deal was on the table for the film which I could sign upon my return and the really exciting stuff would start, in other words the final stage of the journey, taking Of Shark and Man from a concept to your TV screens!

Spoilt for choice

Things were complicated somewhat upon my return from Nice, not only did we come home with two awards but we now had four offers on the table for the film, two Sales Agent deals and two Distribution deals. Having been repeatedly (and justifiably) told it was a distinct possibility that we wouldn’t get one offer, we now had four!

I was able to narrow it down to two of the four offers and after a week or so of intense consideration, with the help of some trusted friends in the industry, I was able to make my decision.

Project 8 were always the front runner, not only do they have years of experience and expertise in the industry, including handling the sale of the Halle Berry film “Dark Tide,” they also had a real, palpable enthusiasm for the film. Jason’s energy, belief and patience throughout the decision making process simply confirmed my gut instinct they were the right choice. They may not have been the biggest company to come in and make an offer, but they were the ones who I felt really “got it,” when it came to my vision for Of Shark and Man.

Support for the film grows

I don’t believe in fate to be honest but perhaps there was something written in the stars about our union. I’ve already mentioned they handled the sales of “Dark Tide,” if you look at the photo below, that’s me on the first day of shooting Of Shark and Man in 2010, standing next to the model boat from “Dark Tide” at Pinewood Studios where Halle Berry and co. had been filming two days prior, in the exact same pool we used for the shots in the intro to Of Shark and Man.


So here we are, we now have some industry muscle behind us handling international sales of the film. We have a strategy in place and it’s all a case of doing what we can to get the film into the right networks so you can finally all get to see it, hopefully on your TV screens, wherever you are in the world.

I want to thank all the companies who expressed an interest and enthusiasm for the film, it’s been a positive experience to connect with all of them and I greatly appreciate their time and interest in Of Shark and Man.

Huge thanks also to Paul Eyres, Neil McEwan, Ray Davies, Jimmy Gadd and Brad Blain for your guidance, advice and support, it’s an honour to not just be able to call on you for your considerable professional expertise, but to also be able to call you friends.

There are, of course, no guarantees in life but having been told numerous times I wouldn’t even be able to make the film to begin with, we now find ourselves in the position where we have one final hurdle to clear and we’re doing it with a team of people behind us to make it happen.

One hell of a ride

The last six years has been a hell of a ride and we might now just have the finish line in sight.

Don’t forget, you can see the film now by visiting our online shop, at least for now, this may be a limited availability option given the developments. We also now have an IMDB page for the film, if you’ve seen it, please feel welcome to give us an honest star rating or maybe even write a little review!

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Posted by David Diley, Director