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Of Shark and Man is an independent movie that follows the journey of David Diley, an ordinary man as he pursues his childhood love of sharks, uncovering one of the greatest conservation success stories of all time in the process.

Shark Reef Marine Reserve in Fiji, is home to one of the world's largest population of bull sharks, attracting thousands of tourists every year to this quiet and untouched tropical paradise. Of Shark and Man takes its audience into the home of these huge animals, sharing in David's experience as he learns about their significance to the ocean, but also to the history of this incredible community.

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About the film

This is the first time that the conservation success story of the Shark Reef Marine Reserve in Fiji, has ever been comprehensively documented and showcased to the world.

Inspired by the classic shark films of the 1970's, David's mission is not only to share the story of Fiji, but to capture the majesty of sharks.

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