Hurricane Irma Delays Of Shark And Man International Release

Posted by David Diley, September 15, 2017

Of Shark and Man will still get its full international release but later than announced due to Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma Delays Of Shark And Man International Release

Bad news I’m afraid…

We were extremely excited about today as this was the day Of Shark and Man was rolled out internationally for its full release via numerous digital platforms but yesterday evening we received news from our distributor that the release has been unfortunately pushed back at the last minute.

Knowing we had other platforms interested, the first assumption was that it was in order to accommodate those platforms and release the film with a uniform release date which wouldn’t cause much of a delay, however, unfortunately that is not the case.

Sony, who are one of the film’s major platforms for release, suffered considerable damage to their offices and systems in Florida during Hurricane Irma and as such, have had to push back the release to February 2018. Of Shark and Man is just one of dozens of films affected and this has also had a knock on effect with the other platforms, iTunes, Vudu. Google Play and Amazon.

We are, of course, immensely disappointed about this delay and we know there are a great many of you who have been patiently waiting to get your copies of the film so we can only apologise but this is completely out of our control.

We must acknowledge that as disappointing as this is, millions of people have suffered a great deal more due to the damage inflicted by Irma than we have, so in the grand scheme of things, we are still extremely fortunate that the only impact we have experienced is a delay in the release of the film. We are among the lucky ones.

Of Shark and Man will still get its full international release on the platforms we have already confirmed, we just have to wait a bit longer for it to happen, with the new release date of February 2018. As far as we are aware at present, this does not effect the release of the DVD on November 7th.

Thank you for your continuing patience, for those of you in the United Kingdom, United States, Japan and Germany, you can still buy or rent the film from Amazon and Amazon Prime, for everyone else, please keep an eye on this website and the Facebook page for updates on that release date.

Thank you.

Posted by David Diley