Of Shark and Man Secures International Distribution. NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY AND RENT!

Posted by David Diley, June 29, 2017

Of Shark and Man Secures International Distribution. NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY AND RENT!

Of Shark and Man Secures International Distribution. NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY AND RENT!

I am very proud to finally be able to announce news I have been sitting on for months now, Of Shark and Man is finally available on international release for you to own or rent as of today!

It’s been a long road, I signed the deal back in April, one of the reasons it’s taken so long to happen is there have been numerous offers and contracts on the table, all with different details, different financial offers and different geographic territories so it’s been quite hectic and time consuming to make the final decision, a decision which the last seven years has been leading up to.

A statistic I read a few months back took me by surprise, only 2% of independent films are ever picked up for international distribution and with documentary, the percentage is even lower so this is no mean feat. I must thank Ed Brochin with Shami Media Group, who, since we first met in May last year at the Nice International Film Festival has been persistently and enthusiastically chasing the film to release, his energy and commitment to releasing Of Shark and Man as been immensely flattering and validating to me. Big thanks as well to his sister, my friend Deanna Brochin, who insisted she introduce us, which got the ball rolling in the first place.

You will have noticed by now the film has new artwork. In order to stand out in an increasingly saturated market, the distributors felt the artwork needed to be more sharky so to speak. Don’t worry though, the original artwork you are all so familiar with, created by the awesome people at EDNA interactive (thank you Ed, Anna and Sue!) will still be very visible as, like you all, I absolutely love it. It also means that all of you with the posters now have limited number collectors items!

As of today, Thursday July 29th 2017,  Amazon Prime is the first platform on which to buy or rent the film with the United Kingdom, United States & North America, Germany and Japan the first territories where the film is available, however, these will be added to over the coming days and weeks, alongside more platforms, DVD retailers and hopefully cable T.V. too.

There is going to be a page on the site as soon as possible with up to date information that will be regularly updated with all the info and links you need to get your own copy of the film.

Thank you to everyone who has emailed and messaged over the years asking to view the film, the wait is now over and you can finally get your own copy so go ahead, I hope you enjoy the film and let me know what you think on the Facebook page!

It’s been a long old ride but we got there in the end! Now it’s time to start work on part 2…

UK Film Review also posted this fantastic review of the film today

Posted by David Diley